Bee Eater

Bee Eater
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Sunday, May 20, 2012

I have had alot of time and have been knitting like crazy, made 1 knitting bag in a hot pink and a black and brown stripped large bag to felt and made the handles by braiding alot of strands together and then braiding 3 pieces together so it's thick and several inches wide.  Could not find a handle that I liked so I improvised. My friend Nina has had her 5th round of chemo this Monday and Tuesday and each one gets worse and has been feeling pretty lousey since.  She has her last one June 11th & 12th and then 1 shot a day for 7 days and then I will be packing to leave for home around June 28th or sometime around that date.
Have been doing the TAST 2012 weekly and have trouble posting because the air card is very slow and is hard to upload pictures.  When I get home I will have my great Internet service so will have no problems.
The weather has turned warm and it's in the mid 90s right now and no rain, the crops are in but there has been no rain and they are behind about 7 1/2 inchess so that is alot of rain shortage and everyone is hoping for rain to help the crops grow.
Had a wonderful Mother's Day my children sent bouquets of flowers and homemade cookies and books.  My friend Nina's son cooked for us for Mother's Day and it was delicious, so we had a wonderful day.

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